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Album Review: Black Spiders rip-roaring rocking ‘Can’t Die, Won’t Die’

Hard Rockers Black Spiders invite you to join their party, with this new release of catchy, quirky, hard-hitting tunes!

Sheffield’s Black Spiders release their fourth studio album, Can’t Die, Won’t Die on Spinefarm on 12th May 2023, the band’s first campaign with the label. Having re-formed in 2020, following a split in 2017, they released their self titled third album Black Spiders in 2021, which reached No. 9 in the UK Rock Chart and the No. 7 spot in the UK Independent Albums chart.

Now Pete ‘Spider’ Spiby, Ozzy ‘Owl’ Lister, Mark ‘Dark Shark’ Thomas, Wyatt ‘Octopus’ Wendels and Adam ‘The Fox’ Irwin are back with 12 tracks of guitar driven hot rock on Can’t Die, Won’t Die – 42 minutes of back-street trouble, produced by regular studio compadre, Matt Elliss.

It’s a party album from top to tail, every one a banger! As usual there is something for everyone and maybe some surprises. We went all out, balls out on this record, each track is an ear worm”, say the band..
Opening with Intro – a wall of pulsing guitars, followed by a suspense-building, movie-like chorus of ‘Ahhs’, this same pulse introduces the second track Hot Wheels (which was also the band’s first single release from the album). A toe-tapping, head-bobbing song that is just sheer FUN – check out the fabulous video below:

Driving My Rooster‘s urgent beat is driven by the pounding drums and thrashing guitars  – life in the fast lane! Destroyer has a more measured pace and real, raw power, making it a favourite on the album for me. The second single release Alright Alright Alright features some outstanding bass riffs, and great lyrics – I love “They call me hammer ‘cos my nails are buried deep“. A song of triumph over adversity!

In total contrast, Traitors Walk is a deeper, darker number, with great melodies and a plaintive guitar solo in the middle section. It Is What It Is has a 70s vibe to it, crossed with a Western movie. Growling guitars and the heartfelt narrative in the lyrics make this another mighty song.

Slamming into 4th gear, Strange is all walloping drums and guitars, while Another Weekend laments having a lack of funds to enjoy yourself during your free time..

Black Spiders

The strong  bass drives Make Me Bleed, which has a superb sing-along chorus.  Another favourite of mine on the album is A Rat Is A Rat, a pacey track with the excellent line “Snitches get stitches“. Album closer End Of The World slows the rhythm down a touch, and seems to be almost an afterthought.. the album could have easily ended on the previous track, although 12 is a nice even number!

Black Spiders logo

Can’t Die, Won’t Die is brash, buoyant, and everything Black Spiders promise it to be. To mark the new album’s release, a special launch evening is planned at Sheffield’s Network 2 on Friday 19th May 2023:

Black Spiders album launch

More good news – Black Spiders will be touring the UK in September – get your tickets from Planet Rock HERE
The band are also confirmed to play the following festivals with more to be added:
Sunday May 28thCall of the Wild festival
Sunday 23rd JulyMaid in Stone festival
Sunday 13th AugustFirestorm festival

Black Spiders tour 2023

With their rousing rock ‘n’ roll slogan “EAT THUNDER, SHIT LIGHTNING!” and audience holler of “FUCK YOU BLACK SPIDERS!” you can expect a dynamite evening out when you catch a show!
Be sure to order your copy of Can’t Die, Won’t Die from HERE

Can't Die Won't Die album
  1. Intro
  2. Hot Wheels
  3. Driving My Rooster
  4. Destroyer
  5. Alright Alright Alright
  6. Traitors Walk
  7. It Is What It Is
  8. Strange
  9. Another Weekend
  10. Make Me Bleed
  11. A Rat Is A Rat
  12. End Of The World
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