ABERTOOTH LINCOLN: The Musical Equivalent to a Psychedelic Trip

  • The Location: Dayton, Ohio
  • The Line-up: Ash Pooler (vocals) James Lampe (guitar, backup vocals) David Watanabe (synth, piano) Mike Werthmann (Drums) Andrew Humphrey (bass)
  • The Sound: Aggressive Spacey Hardcore Progressive Punk
  • The Comparison: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr Bungle, B52’s
  • Punktuation Song Pick: Average White Boy, Queer and Loathing in Rowan County

Abertooth Lincoln fit into a genre all of their own. An aggressive, space-hardcore, progressive punk band from Dayton, Ohio, their music is heavy, weird, complicated and genre-fluid. They are also the most uniquely refreshing band you would have heard in a long time.

Musically they’ll mindfuck you with a kaleidoscope of reminiscent sounds as unconventional as Mr Bungle, the intensity of The Dillinger Escape Plan mixed with the quirky and eclectic style of The B52’s. Lyrically they swing from harsh social commentary to The Presidents Of The United States-esque satire.

Fronted by the magnetic Edith Coleslaw aka Ashley Pooler demanding your direct attention, Abertooth Lincoln is quickly gaining praise as a live act not to miss. Chicagocrowdsurfer.com describing them as “churning space-jazz and straight-up hostel noise” going on to say they were welcome back there any time. Their multifarious sound and high energy performances are grabbing and holding the attention of anyone who meets their gaze.

The ability to do all of this seamlessly has always impressed me on record, and left my jaw hanging open more than once when I’ve seen them live.


The band have recently signed with Riot Records of the Golden Robots Record label family and are about to drop their first single Hell House on October 12.

Hell House promises to be exactly that, a wild and frantic ride full of brilliant eccentricity, just like a ‘hell house’ you won’t see what’s hiding behind the corner, ’til it’s right on top of you.

If you are looking for some ferocious punked-up space jazz that will evoke the musical experience of a wild trip then check out on Abertooth Lincoln right now!

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