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Yours Truly Fire Up With The ‘Lights On’

Aussie pop punk

Adored Aussie pop-punks release passionate new single.

Alternative bright lights Yours Truly have unveiled their new single and music video Lights On. Lights On is fiery and to-the-point at just three minutes long while sticking around long enough to firmly cement itself in the listener’s head.

Yours Truly vocalist Mikaila Delgado shares more on how the track was born: “Lights On is about challenging the way you view yourself and how much that is influenced by other people. Doing impulsive things to come off as adventurous and fun while you feel like you’re falling apart behind the scenes. I find it interesting when someone says, “You’re not who I expected you to be”, and when you sit with that for a while, you start to think “, what do I look like to others? Who am I to myself?” I figured out during this pandemic that being alone with your thoughts is where you truly begin to unpack who you are to your core,” she explains. “

“I discovered that a lot of my identity is linked to being in this band. Naturally, it’s not a glamorous process, but it’s recognising that you can’t hide behind some story you made up to tell some stranger when you’re out drunk because the only person you are living with is yourself.” 

The music video release is just as impactful on the visual front. Written by Mikaila, she explains more on her vision for bringing the song to life: “Our main focus was to create a music video that looks like a movie. We were influenced by murder mystery shows and wanted to create this story that surrounds the hotel setting of the lyrics in the song. I wanted the timeline to go back and forth, so people have to think, “what is going on? Who’s blood is that? What is she running from”?

“I spent some time coming up with the concept of a crime gone wrong and settings that felt glamorous but had a sinister feel to them. Shooting the ‘Lights On’ video in Brighton in the UK was a really cool experience; we got to spend two days running around the city and seeing things we hadn’t seen before.” 

Lights On is out now on all streaming services.

Lights On

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