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You’ll never be bored of Future EXES’ new track!

A hymn to friendship, the new track by French group Future EXES is your new Summer sing-a-long!

Lille indie rockers Future EXES have STRONG pop punk sensibilities and these are demonstrated very nicely in their new track ‘Never Bored Valley‘.

Accompanied by a super creative and visually charming video which depicts the quartet as living their best lives amongst the toys and games of a young birthday girl, this is a feel good, bubbly and fun track. Perfect for your Summer mood!

Drawing on inspiration from bands like Weezer and Pixies, this is the band’s very first single and it’s a pretty strong start. A great ear for melody, tight production and a anthemic chorus, this track is for those who like their punk rock to be on the wholesome, good vibes, pop end of the spectrum. Speaking of the track, the band said: 

‘Never Bored Valley’ is a hymn to friendship, a tribute even. It’s about having a circle of life that makes you feel supported. Not feeling well? No problem, your friends are there and you draw your energy from them. “My friends are batteries”, as the chorus goes! It’s also an evocation of the virtuous circle whereby all the good humour you give out will be given back to you.’

This band is definitely one to watch! 

Never Bored Valley‘ is out now. You can stream HERE.

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