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You need some Punk Lo-Fi Remixes In Your Life

Pure Noise Records unleashes an album featuring reimagined tracks from Four Year Strong, State Champs and many more über punk bands.

ALo-fi’ remix album featuring songs from bands like The Story So Far, Four Year Strong, Knocked Loose, State Champs, Just Friends, Seahaven, and other bands from the Pure Noise label’s roster, has hit all streaming services today, and it’s well worth a listen to.

The label tapped in electronic producers Less Gravity and Mik to turn the songs into chill, soothing versions of their original tracks.

Utilising a unique palette of instruments inspired by lo-fi production styles, Mik’s work is rapidly gaining recognition for providing a fresh take on familiar melodies from film, television, and games. Credits include content creators such as Star Wars Theory, Samuel Kim Music and numerous television production companies from his hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia.

“I was first inspired to create lo-fi beats when I was still a university student,” says Mik. “Listening to lo-fi hip hop helped me get through assignments, last-minute studying sessions, and my commute to school. It’s a fluid genre when it comes to production style, and I typically approach writing my music by creating a nostalgic atmosphere first and foremost.

“I listened to a ton of punk rock in high school, so working on these lo-fi covers with Pure Noise Records has been a wonderfully nostalgic journey.”

Less Gravity released their debut album Channel Surfing in 2019, with tracks from the album rapidly gaining top spots on some of Spotify’s biggest playlists.

“Hearing such an original re-imagining of our song was very inspiring. It’s so cool to hear the way someone else can perceive your art and it’s amazing to hear it be then again moulded into a new medium. We’re all very stoked on this version of our song” – Dan Brown, The Amity Affliction

Listen to/download Lo-Fi HERE

Pure Noise Lofi Chill Punk
  1. The Story So Far, Mik – Clairvoyant
  2. Knocked Loose Mik – Mistakes Like Fractures
  3. State Champs, Mik – Elevated
  4. Four Year Strong, Less Gravity – Go Down In History
  5. The Amity Affliction, Mik – Soak Me In Bleach
  6. Seaway, Mik – Mrs. David
  7. Can’t Swim, Less Gravity – Stranger
  8. Spanish Love Songs, Less Gravity – Beach Front Property
  9. Seahaven, Mik- Moon
  10. The Story So Far, Mik – Upside Down
  11. Counterparts, Less Gravity – Burn
  12. Hawthorne Heights, Less Gravity- Ohio Is For Lovers
  13. Belmont, Mik- By My Side
  14. Just Friends, Mik –I Wanna Love You
  15. Bearings, Mik- So Damn Wrong

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