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Wolf & Chain’s Insatiable Taste for Theatrics Explode In New Track

Adelaide’s favourite theatrical pop-punk outfit Wolf & Chain tell of  ‘An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and an Insatiable Taste for Poison’ in lastest single.

The new single dropped today ahead of their highly-anticipated EP Amor Mortal, due for release on 29th October. The song shrouded in shadows and doused in incriminating emo-punk grit explores the pitfalls of love.

Wolf & Chain are bringing horror back to fairy tales by using teeth-sinking rock-opera narratives and an insatiable desire for danger and darkness. Their recent vampiric single Taste of Blood and new track ‘Poison’ provide a tantalising taste of what is to come with the storybook collection of tracks lining their upcoming EP.

Desperate and disconcerting, An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and an Insatiable Taste for Poison disarms with turbulent drums and violent guitars as frontman Jack Cumes’ luring vocals pitch and prowl. Moving with high-octane punk-fused chaos, Poison is not for the fainthearted, containing an obsessive sonic force that isn’t opposed to crossing certain lines. 

Deviating briefly from explosive progressions, the track moves into an ominous bridge that features Spanish-inspired guitar chords and Cumes’ pleading vocals. The song reaches the last crashing chorus, raining down in an energetic punk shower of sparks and debris. The end signalling that it’s time to walk together into the sunset, which turns out to be a fireball of destruction left in the band’s wake.

Exuding with Wolf & Chain’s compelling emo-goth influences and inspired by the Grimm fairytales, ‘Poison’ is a cautionary tale about the horrors of blindly following love down a dark and consuming path. 

Cumes’ explains further: “Poison is about blindness to love, how it can manipulate you, consume you and delude you. In the context of the fairytale world, the track’s character follows their lover down a dark and destructive path. Only to become a ‘Bonnie & Clyde-esque’ junky couple, robbing hospitals for their fix. It overlays this darker shade on a fantastical ideal of love and escape.”

A deliciously damned bite of what’s to come.

An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers and an Insatiable Taste for Poison is out now.

Amor Mortal is available from October 29.

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