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Wolf & Chain Wrap Up A Three-Part Narrative with New Music Video

wolf & Chain

Wrapping up a huge year, Aussie theatrical emo/punks are putting a taste of their true selves out into the world with the music video for ‘Still Alive’.

For those who have only just risen from their graves, Wolf & Chain released their second EP Amor Mortal on October 29 The storybook collection of tracks featured the two explosive singles Taste of Blood and An Unfortunate Tale of Two Lovers A Insatiable Taste for Poison, both of which were paired with fantastical goth-driven music videos with an ongoing narrative. The new video is directed by Simon Kither with additional footage from Michael Carver and Jack Cumes. 

Wolf & Chain are now putting 2021 in a body bag and seeing it out with a third and final music video for this dramatic Amor Mortal tale that shows a more personable and real side to each of the members. Frontman Jack Cumes explains: 

The video for Still Alive is really special to us because it’s the first step into reality for the band so far. Our previous videos have been very fantastical and concept-driven, so it was a real departure for us to put the real life of the band out there. It’s also a soft part three to our previous videos; as the band dies at the end of the tale, we are brought into a purgatory-like space, doomed to forever perform Still Alive while our lives flash before our eyes.”

The song is a very personal one and reflects on the experiences that we went through during the making of the record, so it felt appropriate to wear it on our sleeves and bring the fantasy world of Wolf & Chain into real life.

Often our stories are metaphors for things that are very real. So it felt right to showcase the fantasy and reality side by side as the finale for this era of the band.”

Moving forward, 2022 looks to be another huge year for Wolf & Chain as it has just been announced that they have joined the Uncaged Festival in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney alongside the likes of Killing Heidi, 28 Days, Terra, The Getaway Plan and so many more.

Uncaged Festival Dates & Tickets

Get your Festival Tickets here

Jan 22 – Showgrounds, Brisbane.
Jan 29 – Coburg Velodrome, Melbourne.
Feb 12 – Showground, Sydney

‘Amor Mortal’ is out now. Vinyl and more are available via 24Hundred.

Amor Mortal

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