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Wilson Getchell releases new solo folk punk album!

Thirsty Curses frontman resurrects tracks that speak of early 20s shenanigans....

You may be familiar with North Carolina folk rockers Thirsty Curses and their brand of folk punk that is equal parts humour and heart. Their 2023 track ‘Punk Rock Ruined My Life‘ has been a regular in my rotation with it’s tongue in cheek lyrics and catchy tune. 

But today we bring you frontman Wilson Getchell’s solo album- ‘Banned From Barflys‘. It keeps the Thirsty Curses trademark of observational and confessional lyrics set to a backdrop of folksy guitar with a punk rock edge. 

The story behind how the album came to be speaks of something we may all have experienced- having to confront certain realities of how we used to be, the people we shared our lives and experiences with and (maybe less universally relatable) how we came to be banned from a dive bar called Barflys in Texas. That last one might be more specific to Getchell himself. 

“I wrote these songs when I was living in Austin, Texas in my mid-twenties, during which I was at peak mess Wilson… I was drinking too much and too often and making all kinds of terrible decisions, albeit while having a great time. ‘Banned From Barflys’ basically is that period of my life in song…”

After penning the tracks and getting ready to record them on an acquaintance’s record label – and flying back and forth between Texas and Virginia for studio sessions- the whole thing fell through before completion. 

Getchell shelved the tracks and moved on to other musical endeavours, but a campfire sing song on a trip with friends made Getchell decide to dust them off and present to the world. 

Banned From Barflys‘ spans 8 tracks over 18 minutes and combines elements of folk, country, rock and Getchell’s own take on a folk-punk hybrid.

The album does veer from the punk-y side of the folk punk genre at times so you’re not gonna head bang to this but if you like an acoustic exploration of punk themes like partying, romantic encounters and soul searching then there’s no better way to spend 18 minutes. 

The album opener ‘Vowels In Her Name‘ starts off comfortably in country/folk territory but ‘The Bouncer Up At Stubbs‘ goes harder and my favourite track ‘W/O Regret‘ ups the ante with dirty riffs and more of a rock influence. 

She’s Having Unprotected Sex With Half Of Austin” is probably one of the most memorable opening lines I’ve heard in a while (‘Half of ATX‘) and the melancholy ‘Nice Girls‘ gives a nice atmospheric and emotional interlude towards the middle. 

Getchell’s voice has never sounded better, and the lyrics articulately express frustration, confusion and regret putting you right at the bar with a cast of memorable characters. Everything comes to a suitably rousing finale with closer ‘Before You Reach WACO‘.

‘Banned From Barflys’ is released on 11th April and is available to stream on major sites including Spotify, Bandcamp and Tidal.  

  1. Vowels In Her Name
  2. The Bouncer Up At Stubbs
  3. Nice Girls
  4. W/O Regret
  5. Half of ATX
  6. Sterile Treasure Island
  7. The Ballad of Kentucky and Virginia
  8. Before You Reach WACO
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