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Where Is My Mind? Gets The Two Minutes to Late Night Treatment

pixies cover

Members of Touché Amoré, Pup, God’s Hate, Vein and Bloodbather have Covered a hardcore version of the Pixies classic.

The rendition features Touché Amoré singer Jeremy Bolm, Pup’s lead guitarist Steve Sladkowski, Bloodbather guitarist Salem Vex, Vein bassist Jon Lhaubouet and God’s Hate guitarist Colin Young on drums.

They join Two Minutes to Late Night host Jordan Olds (aka the corpse-painted Gwarsenio Hall) for a video that shaves nearly a minute off the original and is introduced by AEW wrestler Orange Cassidy.

Or, as Two Minutes to Late Night put it: “We did that song from that movie with a special wrestler who uses that song for his entrance music!”

Best known as a heavy metal-themed talk show with a house band of Mutoid Man, a side project of Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky, Converge’s Ben Koller and Nick Cageo, the video series has been putting out a weekly ‘bedroom cover’ for nearly a year. Where is My Mind? is its 44th instalment one of Pixies’ best-known songs, largely thanks to its appearance in the film Fight Club.

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