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Weatherstate Face The Music In ‘Never Getting Better’

These Weymouth punks have pulled back the proverbial curtain in their new single and music video Never Getting Better.

The song follows up to previously released Current Dose, which showed the band taking one giant leap into space. Unfortunately, as fans now see, all is not as it appears.

Weatherstate vocalist Harry Hoskins shares: “Never Getting Better is about the feeling of complete apathy towards everyone and everything. Reaching the point of acceptance that there’s nothing you can do but sit back and watch how everything has gone to complete shit. This song was written in the summer of 2020 when it felt like there was no end in sight. We were supposed to fly out to the States for the first time, and the plans we had dreamed of for years were ripped up in front of our faces. So, I locked myself in my room in a sulk and wrote the hook to this song.”

Led by vocalist and guitarist Hoskins, Weatherstate’s line-up is completed by guitarist Callan Milward, Joe Hogan on bass, and drummer Toby Wrobel. The band has constantly risen to the challenges that COVID has posed. Despite the pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, Weatherstate worked with Alan Day to produce new music. “I feel Alan really taught us a lot about how to approach a song and see the potential in having an open mind on songwriting,” enthuses Callan about the process and connection. “We really wanted to level up and evolve as a band. He’s a super talented dude and has great vision in the potential of new music.”

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