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Weatherstate Drop New Single ‘Current Dose’

The UK punk rockers address a generation of self-medication with their latest track.

Weatherstate is back with another punk anthem in the making with new single Current Dose, which is out now via Rude Records. Current Dose addresses the notion of a generation that’s lost to self-medicating behaviour,” says vocalist and guitarist Harry Hoskins.

Rather than thinking of this as a negative, we understand that sometimes people have to do what they have to do in order to function in the hell-hole that earth can sometimes feel like. The vice the track refers to could be any form of crutch a  person feels they need to help them get by. That’s really each person’s prerogative.”

Not one to jump on the bandwagon, but also not wanting to be left behind with this wave of billionaires heading into space, the music video for Current Dose sees Weatherstate prepare for their own special space mission. Their journey is tackled most expertly with all mod cons and high tech gear. It’s unsure exactly where they’re heading, but it’s certainly going to be out of this world. And we can’t blame them. 

As the band say: The music video is our most ambitious to date and part of the arching story we’ve been telling for the best part of this year. It was a pleasure bringing so many ideas to life and swinging for the o-zone in terms of ambition (literally and figuratively) with our long time director Ben Pollard. We simply wanted to divulge into this tongue-in-cheek / B-movie space adventure, and we couldn’t be more stoked on how it turned out. Just nonsense, really.”

The previous single, Hangar, was the first stratospheric track from Weatherstate’s remote sessions, collaborating with Four Year Strong’s Alan Day and Neil Kennedy at The Ranch earlier this year. Current Dose continues to kick that driven pop punk attitude up a notch. “All I can say is that you can work miracles over Zoom these days,” mused guitarist Callan Milward.

Current Dose is out now on your chosen streaming service.

Current Dose.

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