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‘We don’t want to go to Zumba – we’re punks’

On the wrong side of 50? Can’t play an instrument? Forget about daytime TV or pottering in your garden; form a punk band! The Verinos did!

The Verinos, who formed as Leicester’s extended lockdown measures were eased, perform songs that address age and gender stereotypes. The all-female garage punk band, whose members have an average age of 55, are trying to encourage more middle-aged women to pick up instruments too.

“Often there’s that idea that [as you get older] you’re just going to dig your garden and go to Zumba or visit a National Trust property,” songwriter and guitarist Ruth Miller told BBC News East Midlands.

“We want to be in a punk band. We don’t want to watch daytime TV.”

BBC News East Midlands Video

Their new single ‘Up Yours!’ is the first time the Verinos have recorded a song. The band’s YouTube video states that the lyrics to the song is “a list of the kind of thing people say to older women who show themselves up by forming garage bands before they can play properly… and what we say to that idea. This is a rough mix demo because so many people wanted to hear and see what we sound like; a better mix may appear on Bandcamp pretty soon!”

 “We are truly the new wave of old punk,” the band says on their website. “Simple tunes, thrashy music, teamwork and fun like you’ve never seen. It’s not a joke novelty band. Unglamorous music is a whole new seam of serious art-rock for new fans and old fans and there will be more like us.”

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