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Venomous Concept venture into “different areas of punk and rock” with upcoming album

Hardcore ‘supergroup’ Venomous Concept to release a “more up-tempo high-paced album mixed in with a Husker Dü melodic 80’s hardcore punk feel.’

Hardcore, punk, extreme metal, grindcore (you pick a genre) supergroup Venomous Concept has just finished recording their fifth studio album, according to the band’s guitarist Shane Embury.

They recorded the album at Cambridge, UK’s Headline Music Studios with producer Simon Efemey, who has produced several records for Napalm Death, Amorphis, Paradise Lost and others.

Venomous Concept formed in 2003, but hasn’t released a huge amount of music in its eight years as the members are members of other bands as well.

The initial lineup was Brutal Truth vocalist Kevin Sharp, Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne on guitar, Napalm Death drummer Danny Herrera and Embury, who’s better known for his role as Napalm Death’s bassist.

When Buzz Osbourne left the group in 2006, Embury fully took over on guitar, and Anthrax/S.O.D./Brutal Truth member Dan Lilker joined on bass. John Cooke, another Napalm Death member, joined in the early 2010s as an additional guitar player.

In a Tweet to Heavy Metal magazine Decibel, Embury states that the new album is the album they wanted to make and mentions that it incorporates different styles of punk and rock.

When Venomous Concept announced the new record at the end of December, they shared an experimental 25-minute track called “Knowle Road” under the alias Visceral Collapse.

Sharp gave some additional information about their new material in the Bandcamp description for the release, “Shane wrote some songs for the next Venomous Concept album – more up-tempo high paced punk mixed in with a Husker Dü melodic 80’s hardcore punk feel… it goes this way then that way and an album forms…”

The band certainly used their spare time stuck at home last year to write songs. They released their last album in August 2020, titled Politics Versus the Erection.

Politics Versus the Erection

Embury had a hectic year release-wise, with Napalm Death’s Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism and a solo album both released October 2020, plus the second record from his Blood From the Soul project in November.

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