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US punk band Converge bombarded with complaints from the Philippines after being mistaken for an ISP


Ask hardcore punk music fans, and they’ll probably know the American band Converge. But mention that name to many Filipinos, and they won’t say “Ahh, yes! Aren’t they regarded as one of the most original and innovative bands to emerge from the US punk underground scene?

As the band themselves found out when their Facebook page was bombarded with complaints about ‘their terrible Internet Service’, Converge in the Philippines is best known as an ISP.

converge ISP

The band’s post included a screenshot of a few of the comments they have received, many of which were written in Filipino. One person wrote, “Hey, you fuckers, what happened to my internet?”

In response, the band had to clarify that their page has nothing to do with Philippine telecom company Converge, which promptly went viral with thousands of shares. 

“Hey everyone… still just a hardcore band over here,” the band wrote. “COVID has not forced us to become an internet provider in the Philippines yet, but we hope everyone over there gets their internet access back.”

“While you’re here though click the link to our web store and grab yourself a cool T-shirt or something,” they joked. 

Image from Converge/FB

The person who made the comment has already apologised to the band for the mistake. 

Converge (the band not the ISP), started in the 1990s in Salem, Massachusetts and went on to become a household name in the US hardcore punk scene. They have released nine studio albums, most notably, their 2001 record, “Jane Doe”, which was named as one of the best 100 albums of all time by Rolling Stone. 

Their song, ‘I Won’t Let You Go,’ which was released under the name Shattered Void was included in the soundtrack of “Cyberpunk 2077”, one of the most-anticipated games of last year.

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