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Ultrabomb Delay Live Debut after Greg Norton Cancer Diagnosis

Greg Norton

UltraBomb have cancelled their first live dates together in the UK so that bassist Greg Norton can receive treatment for prostate cancer, following his diagnosis earlier this month.

In a statement, Greg Norton said: “I am so sorry to share that I am not able to travel at this time. At the beginning of June, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My doctors at the Mayo Clinic believe I have excellent odds, but we need to get in right away and move forward with treatment and surgery.

“Due to this, we will have to cancel our upcoming dates in England and Scotland. We will also be pushing our fall tour in the States back a bit to allow me time to recover and return in full force.”

Formed last year as a punk rock supergroup of Norton (Hüsker Dü), Finny McConnell (The Mahones) and Jamie Oliver (ex-U.K. Subs, 4ft Fingers), Ultrabomb will shortly release their first album.

‘Time To Burn’ will now be coming out mid-July on DC Jam Records. It was recorded at Berlin’s Studio 25 last autumn, with the majority of the lyrics for its 11 tracks supplied by Norton. So far tastes of the album have come from the singles ‘Stickman Vs Hangman’, ‘Star’ and ‘Fear Your Gods’.

While the album came together very quickly, being written and recorded in just four days, the transatlantic trio have already faced a few hurdles for their live performances, with visa issues and then Covid causing delays.

But, although Ultrabomb’s US tour will be pushed back, the band will still be headlining the Off The Hook fest – a hometown show for Norton at the Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis on Saturday 16 July.

When they do make their live debut, the band promise that alongside ‘Time To Burn’ tracks they’ll be playing a mix of Husker Du, Mahones, and U.K. Subs, plus a surprise or two.

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