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UK Subs Share New Single Kill Me!

As the band announce their final studio album Reverse Engineering, the punk titans drop their latest single.

All great eras must inevitably at some point come to an end. British punk rock pioneers, UK Subs, one of the longest-running punk bands from that revolutionary first wave of punk, are on the cusp of releasing their final studio album bringing to a close an era that now stretches across four decades and includes 22 studio albums along with several compilations and live albums.

Reverse Engineering is an extraordinary curtain call from an extraordinary band, still led by the indomitable vocalist Charlie Harper along with longtime bassist Alvin Gibbs. The group pulls out all the stops and delivers one of their fiercest albums to date. Fans have already been buzzing since the release of the album’s first single, the hard-hitting “Sensei,” and now the band shares another new track “Kill Me” to whet the appetites of their devoted international fanbase.

The band offers these thoughts about Reverse Engineering,

“The intention was for Ziezo to be the last UK Subs album of the alphabetically formatted body of recorded work by the band that has now stretched over four decades. But we knew we had one more excellent long-playing record up our collective sleeves; thus, via Cleopatra Records, we present the last recorded will and testament of the United Kingdom Subversives – Reverse Engineering. To our minds, it’s one of the finest we’ve created during our long and durable life span, a veritable classic every bit as good as Another Kind of Blues or Endangered Species. Enjoy!”

Also be sure to catch the Subs on tour with Bad Religion this year as well as playing select dates in the US in 2023!

Watch for the entirety of Reverse Engineering to be released July 1 on all formats including CD, vinyl and digital.



1. Sensei

2. Political Alamo

3. C60 Audio

4. Slavery

5. Hoist The Sail

6. Big Foot

7. Kill Me

8. Statements

9. The Night Holds The Key

10. Vision And Sound

11. Bad Acid

12. Godot

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