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UK SUBS drop ‘Bloody’ Good Three-CD Box Set

Punk Rock icons UK SUBS release previously unreleased live performances!

Following up on their extraordinary final studio album released earlier this year, Reverse Engineering, British punk rock veterans UK Subs are here to remind you that, although they won’t be releasing any new studio albums, they’ll still be sweating and bleeding and giving it their all on the live stage just as they always did throughout their four-plus decade career.

In fact, the band just announced extensive European and UK tours planned for 2023! During their tenure as one of the longest-running punk bands from the groundbreaking, early years of punk rock, the Subs earned a reputation as one of the fiercest live bands to ever take the stage, and a brand new box set of vintage and more recent live recordings will be released this month to prove this fact beyond the shadow of a doubt


Rooms Splashed With Blood: 1980/1982/2008 focuses on the classic core line-up of vocalist Charlie Harper, guitarist Nicky Garratt and bassist Alvin Gibbs and captures this crew ripping through an electric set of fist-pumping punk anthems like ‘Warhead,’ ‘Tomorrow’s Girls,’ ‘New York State Police’ and more!

Each concert comes packaged in its own individual CD sleeve with a full-colour booklet containing extensive liner notes written by Gibbs as well as several vintage photos. Fans can preview the set with the digital single of a ferocious 1980 version of ‘Warhead,’ which has been released to all digital platforms today!

Watch for the entire set to be released on November 25!

Rooms Splashed With Blood: 1980/1982/2008 TRACKLISTING


Music Machine, London 1980

1. Emotional Blackmail
2. You Don’t Belong
3. New York State Police
4. I Couldn’t Be You
5. I Live In A Car
6. Tomorrow’s Girls
7. Confrontation Street
8. Warhead
9. Public Servant
10. Rockers
11. Crash Course
12. Time And Matter
13. Kicks
14. Rat Race
15. Teenage
16. Party In Paris
17. CID


CBGB’s, New York 1982
1. Self Destruct
2. War Of The Roses
3. Police State
4. Emotional Blackmail
5. Holy Land
6. Warhead
7. Left For Dead
8. Crash Course
9. Endangered Species
10. Too Tired
11. The Enemy Awaits
12. Keep On Running
13. Tomorrow’s Girls
14. I Couldn’t Be You
15. I Live In A Car
16. CID
17. Countdown (2nd Set)
18. The Enemy Awaits (2nd Set)
19. Warhead (2nd Set)
20. Crash Course (2nd Set)
21. New York State Police (2nd Set)
22. Stranglehold (2nd Set)
23. Police State (2nd Set)
24. Sensitive Boys (2nd Set)
25. Left For Dead (2nd Set)
26. Tomorrow’s Girl (2nd Set)
27. New Barbarians (2nd Set)

Budapest 2008
1. Emotional Blackmail
2. Left For Dead
3. Rockers
4. New York State Police
5. Organized Crime
6. Kicks
7. Crash Course
8. Police State
9. Endangered Species
10. Ice Age
11. Quintessentials
12. Barbie’s Dead
13. I Couldn’t Be You
14. TV Blues
15. Tomorrow’s Girls
16. Warhead
17. Riot
18. Stranglehold
19. Limo Life
20. Party In Paris
21. Disease

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