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UK Punks Riskee & The Ridicule Announce Tour Dates

To celebrate the September 10th release of their new three-track EP ‘Too Young To Be Blue’ Riskee & The Ridicule hit the road across the UK, Germany and The Neatherlands

Bar a couple of decidedly new-un-normal ‘socially distant gigs in 2020, like all bands and music fans, Kent punks Riskee & The Ridicule have been completely starved of the very air and nourishment that makes life worth living and keeps us alive, the lifeblood that is live music. But it’s coming back, big time…

“It’s finally looking like we’re getting back to some version of normality for the time being,” states frontman Scott Pickering.

“I’ve been grafting in the rain and shovelling shit for the last year. Everyone’s pissed off and aching to get back on stage or in the pit. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone, so expect Riskee & The Ridicule to be the biggest, loudest, angriest beast you’ve seen. We’re going to take every opportunity with both hands and excel. We’ve put together the songs we released during this weird time in one new EP to mark the moment and move forward, we can’t wait to get out there. See you soon…”

Making up for lost time, Riskee & The Ridicule have a series of gigs to keep them going for the rest of the year (full dates below), and the new EP titled ‘Too Young To Be Blue’ out through Bomber Music on September 10th, that, as Scott states, collates together the three tracks the band released online throughout the pandemic, that they recorded just before Covid hit.

“I’ve been grafting in the rain and shovelling shit for the last year. Everyone’s pissed off and aching to get back on stage or in the pit.”Scott Pickering, Riskee & The Ridicule.

Featuring the Brexit-baiting ‘Blue Jacket’, their majestic cover of Lana Del Rey’s award-winning 2013 smash-hit, ‘Young and Beautiful’, and ‘Backwords 2’, a song that links back to the song ‘Backwords’ that was featured on their 2017 album ‘Blame Culture (“a song about the influence of the media on the general public, how they can be so easily swayed by spun truths and false words,” stated Scott), the ‘Too Young To Be Blue’ EP wraps up this strange and restrictive time in the band’s lives and with hope, they can move on and detonate on stages across the world forevermore…

Catch Riskee and the Ridicule at the following dates in 2021:


4 – Alternative All Dayer, Ipswich

22 – Esquires, Bedford (with Barstool Preachers)

23 – The hairy Dog, Derby (with Barstool Preachers)

25 – Outpost, Liverpool

26 – Attitude Fest, Exchange, Bristol


30 – Music Hall, Ramsgate


6 – Ghost Road Fest, London

19 – Patterns, Brighton

20 – The Hobbit, Southampton


2 – Fulford Arms, York

3 – Old Cold Store, Nottingham

26 – Ernesto’s, Sittard, NL (with Jaya The Cat)

27 – Garage, Saarbrëucken, DE (with Jaya The Cat)

28 – Batschkapp, Frankfurt, DE (with Jaya The Cat)

29 – Conne Island, Leipzig, DE (with Jaya The Cat)

30 – Resonanzwerk, Oberhausen, DE (with Jaya The Cat)

Play and buy the ‘Too Young To Be Blue’ EP HERE

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