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UK Punks, Harker Release New Single ‘The Beast Must Die’

Brighton punks Harker, have released their latest single The Beast Must Die and announce the release date for their sophmore album Axiom.

Four piece ‘EMOGAZE’ band Harker have dropped their new track, The Beast Must Die, following on from the band’s recent dual release, In a Hole and Game of Pricks, earlier this year.

Harker have come out and announced the band’s upcoming LP Axiom will be out April 23rd on Wiretap Records, Disconnect Disconnect Records, Shield Recordings, and Fixing A Whole Records.

The Beast Must Die is based on the idea of ‘Mono-consciousness’ by English writer Colin Wilson – as a philosopher. Wilson’s writing was heavily focused on striving to live with a heightened sense of meaning and avoiding a closed mindset.” says the band’s frontman, Mark Boniface. “This track is a study of characters with a lack of empathy and spirituality, in the end leading to apathy for existence. ‘Mono-consciousness’ is a beast that lurks inside, and needs to be hunted before it takes control of us.”

The upcoming album, AXIOM is a statement of intent, a hit back against the apathy of modern living, an attack on idolization and a call for all the marginalized to take the helm – to kick against the pricks.

Harker’s foundations are built upon a love for pop music while leaning into their obsession over the golden era of Dischord Records & 90s college fuzz sounds. Since 2014, the band have released music through well-established labels, including EP, A Lifetime Apart and their first full length No Discordance.

Their 2018 debut album gained critical acclaim, becoming a powerful punk/emo shot to the arm for the UK’s indie scene, seeing the band go on to support the likes of The Wildhearts, Mercy Union & Spanish Love Songs as well as a string of UK and international tours including a successful tour of Japan in 2019.

Their sophomore effort Axiom – recorded by producer Bob Cooper cuts into the state of modern living, discussing themes on isolation, social class and environmental change. Not content with sitting still in their punk-pop bubble and retracing steps, Harker has pushed against the grain with Axiom – a middle finger to force-fed algorithm produced pop.

It sees the band at their most experimental yet, delving into new sonic territories evolving out of the bands earlier radio-pop/fuzz rooted sound – pulling in more left-field influences, such as Sonic Youth, Jets To Brazil & Black Sabbath.

The Beast Must Die is available now on all streaming services.


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