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UK Punk band gets banned, not only from the pub, but two UK cities too!

UK Punk band Hung Like Hanratty have hit back at Bristol and Cardiff City Councils who have accused the band of homophobia and banned them for playing in their cities!

Bristol and Cardiff have slapped a ban on punk band Hung Like Hanratty because of their song titled Danny Is A Tranny, a track from their first album released over three years ago. According to the band, a woman from the LGBTQ movement wanted to ban Hung Like Hanratty (HLH) playing gigs in the cities, and the councils have backed her.

But there’s a twist in the tale, as the ‘Danny’ from the song is a friend of the band – and even wrote the lyrics! Angered by the stance taken by the councils the band, from Mansfield in England, issued a statement on their Facebook page setting the record straight about the track:

“Hung like Hanratty do not get involved in politics at all. They sing songs about every day life or a story they have witnessed. Danny is a personal friend of the band, and wrote the lyrics. She asked if HLH could do something with it. So the music was added. Even though the band don’t believe they should have to justify themselves to anyone this is fact. Absolutely nothing homophobic or transphobic.

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“The band are very influenced by Jane County and the Electric Chairs (arguably rock’s first openly transgender singer, and a punk band that supported The Police in 1977). Some people are so unhappy with their own sad lives they make it their goal to destroy other people’s. If I don’t like a band or the music I won’t listen, I won’t go and see them either, but I most certainly would not try to stop other people having a good time.

The band are great people who love punk, they show time and respect to supporters. And do the thing what they are best at – they put a smile on your face. Some people should actually try and smile, it really is good.”

But Hang Like Hanratty, have declared their defiance to the ban

“HLH have been through this many times before. Even if they get banned from everywhere, there are plenty of fields to play. Lighten up, get a life and have fun.”

Hung Like Hanratty raised their middle fingers to the world in 2011. The band name is inspired by James Hanratty also known as the A6 Murderer, who was hanged in the UK in 1962 but whose guilt has since been questioned. Whereas many bands focus on worldly ills and injustices, Hung Like Hanratty targets those everyday irritants that piss us all off, such as dog crap on the floor, traffic wardens, coppers, etc.

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