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Tribute To BLINK 182’s ‘Dude Ranch’ Supports Black Trans Communities

It’s Never Over Til It’s Done is a tribute compilation in honour of blink-182’s seminal sophomore album Dude Ranch‘s 23rd birthday. Through double entendres about masturbation, skits about inappropriate acts with pets, and pop culture references, blink ask themselves the ultimate question – “What does it mean to be a grown-up?”. Beneath that adolescent humorous deflection lie serious concerns about heartbreak, vulnerability, loneliness, and the human condition, all with the same conviction of your favourite Mount Eerie or Smog record. 

Like the Colleen Green cover album before it, It’s Never Over Til It’s Done is a testament to the record’s versatility and space as a landmark release. The covers in this compilation range from pseudo- PC Music to invigorating pop-punk to sincere lo-fi love songs. Regardless of genre barriers or sonic distinctions, the lasting influence and sincere appreciation for the Hoppus/DeLonge duo(We still love you too Scott!!) is undeniable. “I think I’m different, but this is where I belong” indeed. 

All proceeds will go towards organizations helping Black trans communities including the Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, SNapCO, The Trans Justice Project, and related funds. Feel free to reach out with orgs/funds in need!

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