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Towns Return To Prove Australia’s Pop Punk Scene Is On Fire

Adelaide duo Towns have released their second single this year with the upbeat track, 98.

The follow-up track to Swimming has all the makings of a classic pop-punk track with a distinctive Aussie flavour. The band have taken the buoyant refrain of classic pop-punk and woven a local alternative flavour through their songs. Their latest offering, 98, has all the cheesy lyrics and melodic harmonies of vintage pop-punk with the band looking for a lighter theme for the new track.

“I wanted a fun song about something less heavy than some of our other work and what’s more cheesy than love?” said the one half of the band, Aston Valladares in a statement.

“I’m sure everyone can relate to the feeling of loving someone or something so much you wanna scream.

“I’m sure most people also know someone that no matter how much love you give them they moan and complain and it irritates you cause you wanna force the knowledge of their greatness into their head but they’ve got little barricades of negative minus kicking all the good stuff away.” continues Valladares.

“Well, ’98’ is a song to prove we’ve all felt this and now you can share this song with any of the people in your life that just don’t believe how loved and great they are.”

Towns bound onto the scene in 2018 with their debut EP Television firmly marking their territory in the local music scene.

They’ve also created their own YouTube Cheez TV-inspired series TOWNS TV, the latest episode is up for your entertainment now.

The guys are heading out on tour later this month, supporting Ocean Grove . Get the details here.

98 is available now on all streaming platforms.

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