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Tom DeLonge says he, Mark and Travis “are down” for his return to blink-182.


Tom DeLonge recently talked about the possibility of reuniting with blink-182 in an interview on The Late Late Show With James Corden.

But even DeLonge admitted that the topic of his return is so frequent, it feels like they are “always talking about some kind of reunion.”

After DeLonge and blink-182 parted ways in 2015,  Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker recruited Alkaline Trio‘s Matt Skiba in his place, releasing the albums California (2016) and Nine (2019). Rumours that the original blink will reform gained new steam this summer after Hoppus declared he was cancer-free.

“We always talk about playing together again. And I think that that’s definitely something we’re all interested in.” Tom DeLonge

DeLonge spoke of Hoppus’ recovery and said Hoppus is “doing super good, he’s healing. He’s got a long journey of getting his strength back, but I think, miraculously, to have all the cancer like gone from him — he was Stage IV. And then it wasn’t just remission; it was complete remission. So obviously, he was emotional, I was emotional, everyone’s emotional. The fans are excited and happy. I think everyone’s good energy really cured him. It’s a big deal; we’re really excited for him.”

That said, Corden wanted to know if that meant a blink-182 comeback with Mark, Tom, and Travis was close.

DeLonge responded, “It’s so funny. Blink, it’s like we’re there and then we’re gone, and then we’re there, and then we’re gone. I feel like I’m always talking about some kind of reunion. I mean, we always talk about playing together again. And I think that that’s definitely something we’re all interested in.”


He added, “Finding the time to do it, where it lines up with everybody’s priorities, is really all that’s needed. And getting Mark healthy again, getting him strong again. But yeah, no, I’m down. I think those guys are down. I think just finding the time to do it, and when, is really what we’ve got to figure out.”

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