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There Are ‘No Rules’ as Far as The Venomous Pinks Are Concerned.

To celebrate the announcement of their June 3rd debut LP release date, Arizona’s punk powerhouse, The Venomous Pink, drop ‘No Rules’ the first track off the album.

Arizona’s punk powerhouse, The Venomous Pink, will drop their debut LP ‘Vita Mors’ via SBÄM Records on June 3. The video for ‘No Rules’, the first single off the LP, was shot & edited by Alexander Thomas and filmed at The Yucca Tap Room, Arizona.

Guitarist vocalist Drea Doll says, ‘No Rules’ is a scorned love letter in song form that attempts to break the vicious cycle of a toxic relationship. It was a fun track to record because everyone can relate to a little heartbreak regardless of what stage you are at in life.

“We are collaborating again with director Alexander Thomas to create the video. I’m stoked because we were taping at The Pink’s old stomping grounds, The Yucca Tap Room. The venue is an Arizona punk rock staple, and we really came into our own as a band on that stage – so it’s only fitting.”

The much-anticipated debut full-length is consumed by a deep narrative while fusing their razor-sharp guitar licks, mesmerising bass riffs, and thunderous drum shreds, which is what the trio is known for.

Recorded at Maple Sound Studios, the collaboration of engineer/producer Cameron Webb, and co-producer Linh Le (Bad Cop/ Bad Cop), created a dynamic sound with unforgettable harmonies.

‘Vita Mors’ is more than an album; it’s an insider’s guide into The Pinks’ rebel journey. “Alright. You’ve got one life. One chance. Always do your best. Stand for what you believe in. You’re much stronger than you think. When you want it, you are unstoppable. Hold on to what your heart speaks,” Drea Doll concludes.

The band will be playing Montreal’s Pouzza Fest 10 in late May alongside Propagandhi, Cloud Nothings, Belvedere, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, War On Women and many more.


The Venomous Pinks are Drea Doll (Guitar, Vocals), Gaby Kaos (Bass, Vocals) and Cassie Jalilie (Drums).

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