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The Ziggens Return With New Music After A 19-Year Hiatus

Influential ‘CowPunkSurfabilly’ band, The Ziggens, have released their first single ‘Rev It Up’, in almost two decades.

The long-running and influential Southern California “cowpunksurfabilly” purveyors are celebrating 30 years as a band this summer by releasing the 19 track album ‘Oregon’.

While always skirting around the edges of the underground, The Ziggens mighty legion of fans has included such luminaries as Bradley Nowell (who signed them to the Skunk Records label, covered their track Big Salty Tears, and for years enlisted them to tour as Sublime’s opening act), the late Josh Fischel of Bargain Music, and a young Travis Barker who was often seen upfront at the band’s early shows.

Throughout the band’s 30 year existence, they’ve maintained their original lineup and continued to tour while also working on various side projects such as bassist Jon Poutney’s supergroup Volcano with Meat Puppets frontman Curt KirkwoodSublime drummer Bud Gaugh, and Sublime soundman Michael ‘Miguel’ Happoldt, and Ziggens frontman Bert Susanka’s children’s music act Jelly of the Month Club (also with Gaugh),

Rev It Up is the first single from The Ziggens’ forthcoming album Oregon.

The band says, Bert wrote this song primarily because the first music he heard as a child was surf music. Growing up in Huntington Beach, he feels very comfortable writing reverb-heavy, ocean-influenced types of songs. He was also listening to his favourite surf band, The Sandals a lot around the time he crafted this enthusiastic, robust surf burner. Cars, women and waves!”

Oregon is due to drop this summer.


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