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The Wrecks Release Sophomore Album Sonder  

Californian pop-punks drop their latest album as they take off on tour.

The Wrecks have today released their latest album Sonder. Alongside the release they have dropped fourth single and title track with accompanying video. The new music releases coincide with the kick-off of the bands Better Than Ever tour.

Sonder‘s music video was directed by Natalie Hewitt . It’s a colourful lo-fi studio performance that showcases how truly energetic, and joyous, the band is when they’re playing live.

Making this album was a very difficult, sleepless journey that took a lot out of me”, says vocalist/producer Nick Anderson. “But each day and night throughout that process, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wrote this album because I had to,” he declares. “I was slowly and poorly processing a breakup, and for a while there, the breakup was winning.” At some point, though, he says the tables turned. The breakup became everything he needed for the last two years to write music that he was proud of, was true to him as a writer and to the progress of the band.

The first song Anderson started working on for Sonder was the bold and emotional pop-punk title track. It initially began as a “club track,” but he says he “decided to switch it up and make a pop-punk song instead.” The beginning of the finished song features a “blown out 808”from that first version.

“There is usually one song per record where the lyrics are improvised and that was the case with Sonder, I improvised the verses. I knew I wanted to name the song Sonder before it even had a chorus. Knowing that is what motivated me to finish the song. I wanted to put it on the record so bad, for the namesake of it.”

Sonder has a tonne of distinctive witty, frantic genre-bending tracks like Sonder, Don’t Be Scared and Unholy. The album also capuring their take on alt-rock love/loss ballads including I Love This Part, and Where Are You Now featuring girlhouse ). 

The Wrecks kicked off their headlining Better Than Ever tour featuring support from girlhouse and Mothé  in Fresno. The tour continues onto  San Francisco’s Café Du Nord on June 10 and 11. The band head out to take on Seattle, Chicago, NYC, Philly, Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, and more before concluding on July 23 in Los Angeles. Multiple shows have already sold out and second nights have been added in both L.A. on July 22 and San Francisco on June 10. The band will also be playing Milwaukee’s long-running Summerfest on June 24.

The Wrecks continue to rack up the massive fan base that has already given their top five singles on Spotify over 80 million listens. Poised for a wide-open road ahead of them, Nick Anderson and The Wrecks continue to charge into the limelight. Not too shabby for a kid from Wellsville, just two hours south of nowhere. 

Sonder is out now via Big Noise Music Group

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