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The UK Satirical Punk Band The Kunts Aim For Christmas Number one!

Following up on their 2020 Christmas No. 5 hit, ‘Boris Johnson Is A F*cking C**t’, The Kunts are set to release their latest single ‘Boris Johnson Is Still a F*cking C**t’, and are campaigning to make it this year’s UK Christmas No. 1.

The Kunts 2020 hit “Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt”, is a song dedicated to the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and consists entirely of the song’s title being repeated repeatedly.

Originally released on the 2020 album ‘Kunts Punk In Your Face,’ the track was later released as a single, with lead singer Kunt campaigning to get the single to be 2020’s UK Christmas number one.

Despite the lack of mainstream media coverage, the song reached number five, with the BBC refusing to play or name either the song or the artist when they read the top ten Christmas songs of 2020.

In recent exciting news, the band have just announced a sequel, ‘Boris Johnson Is Still A Fucking Cunt’, and once again are campaigning to top the Christmas chart in 2021.

The Kunts

In true Punk fashion, The Kunts keep their music simple and the lyrics in your face.

Boris Johnson Is Still A Fucking Cunt’, is 60-second long, (putting even The Ramones to shame) and gives a big punk nod to The Timelords – Doctorin’ The Tardis. Again the lyrics “Boris Johnson Is Still A Fucking Cunt,” repeat over and over – just in case we’ve missed the fact thatBoris Johnson is still a fucking cunt.

Asked why they are releasing the single, lead singer, Kunt said: “Because Boris Johnson is a fucking cunt who still behaves as if no one has ever told him that. Even since last Christmas, Boris Johnson has led a government that has:
– Repeatedly turned a blind eye to their own corruption, lying, rule-breaking and bullying
– Tried to sneak through a bill to stop ordinary people lawfully and peacefully protesting against them.
– Tried to pass a bill to give them less chance of being held accountable for their corruption.”

Kunt concludes: “Let’s give Boris the present he deserves – Christmas Number 1.”

Let’s help The Kunts. Get sharing! Stream and Download from 17-12-21 #BORIS4XMASNO1

The Kunts Are:

  • Kunt – vocals
  • Carsehole – lead guitar
  • Skidmark – bass guitar
  • Fucksticks – drums

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