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The Ramonas Announce New Studio Album

The UK punk band The Ramonas to unleash their new LP ‘Haphazard’ on November 5th

The Ramonas emerge from the turbulence of the past 18 months with their third full-length studio album ‘Haphazard’!

‘Haphazard’ showcases The Ramonas musical versatility encompassing punk and its many sub-genres. The album explores a darker side musically and lyrically touching on subjects highlighted during the pandemic.

Together with their trademark catchy riffs and melodic hooks ‘Haphazard’ is delivered with attitude and a touch of humour that the band is well known for. This third studio album shows just how much The Ramonas have evolved since their inception in the mid-2000s, taking you on a journey through recent political matters, the demise of Trump, environmental issues, sexism and mental health.

The LPs’s title track brings Lisa’s power and range as lead vocalist to the forefront of The Ramonas sound; together with Maxine’s infectious guitar licks on tracks such as ‘Injustice System’, that explores the corrupt world we live in.

The rhythm section Victoria and Camille form the backbone of The Ramonas. Tearing through this album they bring the live energy that the band is known for. Not forgetting their roots, bassist Victoria pays tribute to Dee Dee Ramone with ‘I’d Like To Congratulate Myself’, a nod to his famous Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame speech from 2002.

‘Haphazard’ will be available from November 5th 2021 on CD and all major streaming and download platforms. A limited-edition vinyl release will be available in 2022 on ProRawk records USA.


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