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The Offspring Release Video For ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’

The Offspring – Promo Shot 1_Credit_Daveed_Benito

SoCal punk icons, The Offspring, have released the music video for their latest single.

The Offspring have released the music video for their recent single Let The Bad Times Roll – the first taste (and title track) from their highly anticipated tenth studio album, due to drop April 16 via Concord Records.

Fans are in for something different, with the video a feast of weirdness. It features the band performing the track while various teens get into rather trippy situations that see kitty screen savers coming to life, mobile phones turning in to insects, giant 7-foot tall cockroaches and large viruses attacking everyone.

The single has shot up the US Rock and Alternative radio charts (#11 and #25, respectively) in the four short weeks since its release, and continues to climb with no signs of slowing down. 

Let The Bad Times Roll was the #1 most-added song at Rock Radio for two weeks in a row and has racked up nearly 4 million global streams to date. 

Fans and critics alike applauded the band’s new music. Rolling Stone hailing it a return to their signature mix of guileless pop-punk and forked-tongue irony.” 

“I feel like we’re in a unique period in history where instead of our world leaders saying, ‘We’re doing our best,’ it’s more like they’re saying, ‘Fuck it,’ and it’s really scary,” frontman Dexter Holland said of the track.

Guitarist Noodles added: “Folks are saying, if it’s all going to hell, we might as well make the most out of it, or at least go out swinging. Let the bad times roll!’”


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