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The Network 2020! Green Day’s Side Project Or Cheeky Impostors?

Has Green Day’s (alleged) 2005 clandestine jaunt into musical moonlighting ‘The Network‘ returned as predicted in their only album release Money Money 2020?

The Network may continue to conceal their identities by using accents and wearing masks, but this has just piqued the interest of fans and conspiracy theorists. There are, always, two sides. One claiming the band is a Green Day side project, the other denying all possibility of it. However, the punk legends themselves have always denied being behind the mysterious The Network. Or have they?

“We had often been mistaken as the planets greatest rock ‘n’ roll band Green Day. This earthly comparison is almost as comical as the humans that inhabit this dying planet!”

The Network

The Network’s Instagram account appeared late last week, with one post, a mysterious video featuring a creepy voiceover, ‘giant’ lizards, and more. “In the year of Money Money 2020, as mark II approaches, remember one thing – We Told You So!” the voice says on the Instagram video clip.


Billie Joe Armstrong took to his Instagram story in reply, denying the connection with the band posting several statements of denial, just as he has done in previous years. However, look very closely at the post. There is a big clue in the imagery.

Armstrongs latest post on his instagram story just adds to the mystery. He simply posted an image depicting The Church of Lushotology, The Networks fake church.

So here are some interesting facts.

Fact 1. In 2007 a band appeared called Foxboro Hot Tubs, also admitted devotees of The Church of Lushotology. They were allegedly (actually rather obviously) another of Green Day’s side projects.

Fact 2. In October 2005, The Network opened for Green Day for several shows, then disappeared mysteriously.

Fact 3. The Networks album Money Money 2020 was released via Billie Joe Armstrongs label Adeline Records.

Fact 4. The three members of Green Day are cited as songwriters for Money Money 2020 by the group’s publisher.

Fact 5. (Well not technically a fact, however….) Armstrong has a pretty distinctive voice. He may not be the only vocalist in the band but…… Well, you decide.

Now, there is nothing like a bit of mystery to keep everyone enthralled. And, we definitely need something to keep our minds off the shit that’s flying around the media at the moment.

So just sit back and enjoy the music. Keep your eye on all the signs and decided for yourself. A bunch of imposters taking advantage of a mysterious musical gimmick? Or is it a little bit of mystery and a little bit fun from the ‘Father Of All Motherfuckers’.

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