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The frontman of Aussie ska-punk band The Bennies issues apology after performing at anti-vax rally attended by Australia’s far-right, nationalist party ‘One Nation’.

The Bennies

“Performing at the rally Pauline Hanson spoke at I have aligned myself with racism. I am truly and deeply sorry for this.” Anty Horgan The Bennies.

This weekend on Australia’s Gold Coast, thousands of protesters took to the streets to attend the ‘Millions March’ vaccine protest. Among these protesters was guest of honour Pauline Hanson, leader of Australia’s far-right, nationalist party ‘One Nation’. Opening the stage was the frontman of ‘psychedelic reggae ska doom metal punk rock from hell’ outfit, The Bennies. To punk fans all over Australia, something didn’t add up.

Pauline Hanson and One Nation have become well-known for their controversial, far-right, and often unapologetically racist ideologies in Australia. Q-Anon, Trump and apartheid-era South African flags were all on display as Anty Horgan took to the stage.

Shortly after the initial reports, Horgan issued a statement to his Instagram, noting that he was unhappy about recent laws imposed by the government, before going on to condemn Hanson.

‘After some discourse this morning, it is really obvious to me that I have upset a large portion of people.’ he said. ‘In performing at the rally Pauline Hanson spoke at I have aligned myself with racism. I am truly and deeply sorry for this.’

After that, he continued ‘I understand that it is a shit thing to come from a privileged white male. In the future, I am going to do better at using my position to spread love to all peoples’.

The Bennies

In addition, Horgan asked fans to not take the ‘stupidity’ of his decision out on the other members of The Bennies, stating ‘they had no idea’ he would be attending.

At the time of publication, The Bennies were yet to issue a statement.

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