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THE FALL OF TROY Are Back With New Album ‘Mukiltearth’

Washington’s post-hardcore The Fall of Troy have released sixth studio album Mukiltearth. The band decided four years was enough time between albums, surprising fans with only a few weeks notice, with Mukiltearth now available via Big Scary Monsters. 

The album follows the release of two singles, We Are The Future and latest track, a ferocious 2020 update of Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes. The band recently wrote on their social media that: “This was the very first song we ever wrote together as a band, reimagined and FINALLY recorded the way it was always supposed to be!!!

Before The Fall Of Troy were known as The Fall of Troy they were called The Thirty Years War.  Six of the songs on Mukiltearth are reimagined from Thirty Years War 2002 EP, Martyrs Among the Casualties, alongside four new tracks.

The album’s title is a tribute to the band’s hometown Mukilteo in Washington state.

Mukiltearth is available on all streaming platforms. If you are looking to add to your collection you can order physical copies via their website HERE.

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