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The Domestics’ James Domestic Releases Second Track Off Upcoming LP

The UK Hardcore punk songwriter and multi-band member, drops the aptly-titled ‘Push On Through’ the second single from his April 2022 solo album Carrion Repeating

If you’ve had any interest in the UK hardcore scene over the past decade, you may know James Domestic. James is in many bands, including The Domestics, who have blazed a trail across Europe several times (see the Live in Oslo LP from 2018), plus Pi$$er, Tokyo Lungs, Hazard Profile and half a dozen more. 

His solo offering, however, is a very different beast from his punk/hardcore roots.

The second single from the forthcoming album, ‘Carrion Repeating‘, sees James building an epic pop song on a hypnotically repetitive bassline, sprinkled with raw post-punk guitars, and organ melody. The additional vocals of Clare Gillett provide a smooth counterpoint to his rough London-Essex tones.

Having played in bands for a decade, the lyric is inspired by long night-time drives, when you’re desperately trying to stay awake, reach your destination in good time, but also stay alive! Anyone that regularly drives long distances in the early hours will feel an affinity for the lyric. 

James Domestic nestles in that nook of singular British pop music where MADNESS, IAN and BAXTER DURY, MARK E. SMITH, ROOTS MANUVA, BILLY CHILDISH, and SLEAFORD MODS reside. Throw in some KING TUBBY, CAN, and ESG, and you probably have your nose pressed against the right window.  

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