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The Domestics’ James Domestic Drops New Solo Single and Video

The UK Hardcore punk songwriter and multi-band member, shows another side of his musical talents with‘Faze Out’ his new single released on Kibou Records.

If you’ve had any interest in the UK hardcore scene over the past decade, you may know James Domestic. James is in many bands, including The Domestics, who have blazed a trail across Europe several times (see the Live in Oslo LP from 2018), plus Pi$$er, Tokyo Lungs, Hazard Profile and half a dozen more. 

His solo offering, however, is a very different beast from his punk/hardcore roots.

The material produced under the James Domestic solo banner blends post-punk, Krautrock, psychedelia, soul, funk, reggae, and his hardcore roots. James nestles in that nook of singular British pop music where Madness, Ian and Baxter Diry, Mark E. Smith, Kevin Rowland, Roots Manuva, Billy Childish, Andy Partridge, Jona Lewie, Vic Goddard, and the Sleaford Mods reside. Throw in some King Tubby and ESG, and you’re probably pressing your nose against the right window.

‘Faze Out’ is the first single from the forthcoming ‘Carrion Repeating’ album. A sweep of zippy electroids gives way to a creeping, psycho organ riff, fuzz-guitar and bouncing bass -only to drop suddenly for the vocal, and then build again via swirls of angry synths and slashes of punked-up guitar, into the chorus and back to that lurching organ…and the template has been set for this bruiser of a tune.

Released on Kibou Records through TNS (UK) and Amok (Europe), ‘Faze Out’ is available now on Spotify and all the usual platforms. 

Faze Out Single

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