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The Clockworks release video for new single ‘Feels So Real’

Irish alternative punk rockers The Clockworks have released their new video for latest single Feels So Real.

The Clockworks recently dropped their first new song for 2021, the dynamic Feels So Real. Every new track the band has released over the last 18 months has taken its own captivating direction with this new anthem no exception.

In a recent interview with Punktuation Magazine, the band revealed the depth behind the songs creation. “The lyrics describe a stream of consciousness – that ‘one with everything’ feeling.” said vocalist/guitarist James McGregor. Likening it to that feeling, an opening scene of a movie tries to portray, McGregor explained,“Think of a cliche New York film opening. It would be rolling through the city, picking up bagels or something.

“Then this Rolling Stones song playing or something. There’s that kind of feeling of ‘presentness’, and I think in the way they use it in films, it brings you straight into the present moment.”

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Confirming that feeling, the video, directed by Oscar J Ryan, has that cinematic feel. The video opens with with a mysterious glowing item in the car’s trunk. The band are suited up, driving the streets with an almost ‘keep it moving’ intention. It’s a mesmerising clip, that definitely draws you in from the start.

With the pandemic keeping things tight socially, the the film clip has not only captured the current state of isolation but embraced it.

The video is designed to catch that feeling of presentness or rapture that can’t be tainted by what is around you. “Sometimes that feeling’s so powerful that not even the least beautiful things you see can taint this feeling of excitement that you have.” said McGregor.

Signing with music industry legend, Creation Records founder Alan McGee, to his new label It’s Creation Baby, there is no doubt we will be hearing more from The Clockworks very soon.

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