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The Centaurettes Release New Single Trust Fund Tree

The Centaurettes

The St. Louis indie/punk trio break boundaries with their latest single.

Music, diversity, and individuality are the key elements that create The Centaurettes’ sound, and their latest single, Trust Fund Tree -an empowering track that the band says reminds us to remain true to our inner selves – has these elements in bucket loads.

Bassist/vocalist Bionca Maldonado says; “Trust Fund Tree is an ode to putting yourself first, even when it hurts. It recalls my youth of being trapped by controlling family and crushing expectations dangled on strings of generational wealth.

“I chose to break away and carve a path of my own happiness, even though it meant stripping myself of every hand-out that comes along with the blood-money-funded cookie-cutter lifestyle. It reminds me that I fight for passion, self-expression and freedom over capitalist convenience.”

The Centaurettes is the passion project of Maldonado, Derek Hibbard, and Daniel L. Jackson. All three members are vocalists for the band and represent a diversity seldom seen in rock music today. The trio identifies as queer, and two of them are people of colour – a diversity that the band says helps them create something truly original.

While their songs ooze sass and irreverence, the band also finds time for softer moments – moments that see them rebranding themselves as “pastel punk.”

Modern in every sense of the word, The Centaurettes also simultaneously pay homage to the Rock ‘n’ Roll from the past. There’s a lightness to their music and a joy that shines through from the three friends who love the art of creation.

Trust Fund Tree is available across all streaming platforms.

The Centaurettes

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