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Tarah Who? Drop Powerful New Music Video

The LA indie-punk duo unleash their video for their hard-hitting new single‘Supposedly, A Man’ – the title track off their upcoming LP

“Supposedly, A Man‘  is about this man I was serving when I was a bartender,” explains Tarah Who’s French-born lead singer Tarah G. Carpenter.  “Long story short, he came in wasted and asked that I served him more alcohol. I said ‘No’. He got pretty upset. He was rude to me and disrespectful to his pregnant wife, who ended up leaving,”

“The next day, one of his friends came up to me and showed me a picture of him and told me what he does for a living as if to impress me and make his behaviour justifiable.”

The #MeToo movement has awakened the anger with the atrocities committed against women and everyday gender inequalities systematic of society. This frustration detonates with the earworm of a track, ‘Supposedly A Man’ – a real-life snapshot of men who demand respect but do nothing to earn it.

“Too often, the extremely low bar for behaviour or “boys will be boys” creates a society where violence against women, societal injustice, or just disrespect is the status quo,” Tarah explains.

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The video was shot in super-quick time with the help of friends, photographer and videographer Maria Quintana, professional choreographer Ayaka Hinokida, and Director Lena Baez.

“For this video, I had a vision of an army of women dancing while we were performing,” Tarah says. “So, we all met on Zoom to see if we could pull this idea off and with a LOT of hard work and an amazing crew of people and volunteers from all around the world, we did it!

“The video was a real challenge for Coralie and me since we are not natural dancers. Lena came up with the idea of having Coralie and I dance, and at first, we were like ‘No way!’ but then we thought, “we might learn from that experience”.


“Indeed, I have learned that I am a much better dancer inebriated and that my body clearly doesn’t like being told what to do. :

Tarah reveals that her initial idea was to have an army of women of all ethnicities and ages dancing to represent all women who are confronted with societal injustices on a daily basis. However, due to Covid restrictions, they had to pair the idea down slightly. So, Tarah and Coralie called in the services of a group of friends to be the dancers.

“It was great fun shooting the video with friends, and there was a really good vibe and energy between us all. So, we are really excited to share this music video and song as it has so much personal meaning behind it.

‘Supposedly, A Man’ LP is due for release on September 24th via M & O Music.

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Main Tarah Who? Photo © Maria Quintana.

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