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Tarah Who? Bravely Open Up On New Single ‘Bad Time’

The LA-based alternative punk rockers release a vulnerable new track.

On Tarah Who?’s new single, titled Bad Time, singer Tarah Carpenter hesitantly speaks about the sexual harassment she experienced as a younger woman.

The title Bad Time references the commonplace question “Is this a bad time?”. As the lyrics suggest, Tarah asks herself if this is a bad time for her to come forward. Even though her hardship is far too real, she unfairly struggles with a fear of the consequences that could arise from addressing out loud that she’s a victim.

Like many other sexual assault survivors, Tarah brings awareness to the harsh realities of the initial abuse and the potential backlash that could follow. Some often stay quiet because they haven’t had the time to digest what really happened. Others fear that people won’t believe them and they could be labelled as a liar.

The longer they wait to speak out, oftentimes the fear only grows stronger. Relationships ruined. Thoughts like “who would believe me after so much time has passed?” Family members left horrified and wondering why they didn’t know sooner. Tarah Who? grapples with all these demons on the raw and emotive track.

The Bad Time music video will be released on June 25th. 

You can listen to Bad Time out now on all streaming platforms.

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