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Swedish Surf Punks Psychotic Youth to Drop Best-Of CD

psychotic Youth

Somewhere between classic Swedish rock, power pop, surf punk and rock n roll, Psychotic Youth have been around for some 36 years and have recorded 11 studio albums and a live album. To celebrate their near four decades as a band they are releasing some of their favourite ditties on a ‘best-of’ album.

Kramfors, Sweden, with a population of under 6,000 peeps, is probably not best known for its punk (or much else for that matter). However, it is home to Psychotic Youth, the Swedish punk band who love nothing more than punking up pop songs.

The German label Wolverine Records are putting the ‘Best of’ LP out that includes four bonus tracks of Abba covers.

The Swedes pay homage to their musical compatriots with covers like this fast punk version of “Super Trooper”

Psychotic Youth was formed by singer, songwriter and guitarist Jörgen “Red” Westman in 1985 in the tiny town of Kramfors as a garage rock band, influenced among others by Solna band The Nomads and the Malmö band Wilmer X.

The band split up in 1999 but occasionally got together on significant Birthdays (20th and 25th anniversaries – the Swedes love an excuse for a party). However in 2015 Psychotic Youth reunited to tour with U.S. pop-punk band The Leftovers and the Norwegian powerpop band The Yum Yums on a Scandinavian tour.

At the same time, the band was contacted by the Japanese label Waterslide Records who wanted to release a 30th-anniversary compilation, followed by a Japan tour. Overwhelmed by the response, the band recorded a new studio album titled The Voice of Summer.

The best-of will be released on CD on August 6, 2021.

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