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Swedish punks Acid Blood Are ‘Bleeding Out’

Acid Blood - Jojo Anderbygd between takes

TheUmeå-based band unleash the latest single and video from their self-titled debut album – and it’s bleedin’ good!

Acid Blood, the bastard child of Mötorhead and thePlasmatics, has unleashed yet another great track and video, ‘Bleeding Out’.

“For this video, we wanted to try something a bit different from our previous clips,” lead singer Jojo Anderbygd, who conceived the idea for the video, tells Punktuation. “I wanted it a bit more serious and also make it a bit more arty. It needed a different approach compared to how we’ve worked before. I wanted to deliver something new. “

Guitarist Karl Backman adds, “The visuals are much more connected to the lyrics than the music in this one -except during the guitar solos, of course. You have to have guitar solo close-ups, otherwise, it’s not really a video, is it?”

Jojo reveals that the song is about relationships, It’s a song where I describe disappointment, anger and gratitude over getting out of a really bad relationship.”

“This was actually the first song Jojo, and I wrote together back when we started the band,” Karl says.

With the Omicron variant running riot throughout Europe, Acid Blood had to recently postpone all their live shows…again!

“Sweden and many other European countries just introduced new restrictions after failing to prevent the spread of Omicron, so all our dates have been cancelled or postponed. It’s beginning to feel like Groundhog Day here,” Karl admits.

The band haven’t been sitting on their laurels during this renewed enforced downtime. Karl reveals that they are currently working on their tenth new song and that there are many more in the pipeline.

“I have five or ten other half-finished as well. We’re working on the second album, but with Covid reigning supreme, there’s no point in rushing it. We’ll record the new album this spring and have that released after the summer. Hopefully, we’ll be able to tour again by then.”

Here’s hoping!

Acid Blood features vocalist Jojo Anderbygd, guitarist Karl Backman (previously in AC4, The Vectors, The T-55s), bass player Emil Fjällström (previously in Raging Steel), and drummer Isak Mörtzell.

Acid Blood – Acid Blood Album Track Listing
ACID BLOOD LP postcard 01

Side 1
Acid Blood
Bleeding Out
Don’t You Die
Tombstone World
Louder Than Death

Side 2
Citrus Blast
Harvest Day
Running From A Bullet
Waste No Time
To The Grave
Kill Screen

Buy “Acid Blood” LP in Europe here. Buy in the USA here.

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