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Sweden’s Rotten Mind Shares New Single

Rotten Minds

Punchy punk clashes with cinematic darkwave on Rotten Mind’s latest track ‘Drifter.

Rotten Mind, a Swedish band that combines elements of ’77 punk, post-punk, darkwave, and garage rock into their own brand of melodic and alternative punk, have just released ‘Drifter’, the second single from the band’s upcoming fifth studio album ‘Unflavored‘.

Energetic, yet drenched in gloomy melodies, Drifter sets itself apart as one of the most straightforward tracks on Rotten Mind’s new album.

Johan Sverredal from the band comments on the new track: “Drifter is a song about being on the run, but it was also written with a nostalgic and sad feeling. It brings more of an up-tempo punk beat compared to our previous single, Serpent Eyes, while not neglecting the feeling of the ’80s new wave. The single captures the grand sound of Turbinen studio, where it was recorded by Kristofer Jönson.

Rotten Mind heads off on their European Tour in March. See details below.

Rotten Mind 2022 European tour dates

25.03.2022 – DE – Kiel

26.03.2022 – DE – Hamburg

27.03.2022 – NL – Amsterdam

28.03.2022 – DE – Münster

29.03.2022 – FR – TBA

30.04.2022 – FR – TBA

31.04.2022 – FR – TBA

01.04.2022 – FR – Lyon

02.04.2022 – IT – Parma

05.04.2022 – DE – Regensburg

06.04.2022 – DE – Dresden

07.04.2022 – CZ – Prague

08.04.2022 – DE – Leipzig

09.04.2022 – DE – Berlin

‘Unflavored’ will be released on March 18 via Lövely Records.

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