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Suzi Moon flaunts killer instinct on new single ‘Animal’

Suzi Moon

Unstoppable L.A. punk princess releases second EP

When you’re receiving public praise on the BBC from a legend such as Iggy Pop, people are going to listen. Suzi Moon delivers punk attitude in spades with an effortless channelling of classic ‘77 punk rock spirit with a modern twist that continues to evolve and grow. Just like her debut ‘Call The Shots’ this second twelve-inch with Pirates Press Records sold out before the street release date.

Animal‘ is the second offering from the equivalently named EP, (the first single being ‘Gold Record Autograph‘) and is everything a punk song should be, loud, brash and played with feeling. Moon adds a brand of sexiness mixed with a healthy dose of attitude to create a sound that is alluring and instantly addictive. She channels a mixture of great female punk and rock frontwomen like Joan Jett or even Courtney Love and delivers in her own charismatic way.

Wreaking havoc on the L.A. rock scene since she was 15, Suzi Moon started her professional career playing guitar, singing, and writing songs with her sister, Liza Graves, in Civet. When that disbanded she continued by starting a power trio Turbulent Hearts which lasted a few years, then followed that up by joining all-woman stoner punk band, L.A. Machina.

Moon’s new self-titled group features Drew Champion on guitar, Patty Bo from River City Rebels on bass and Sean Peterson of The Split Seconds on drums. Having just finished a tour with Teenage Bottlerocket the band will start touring with The Ravagers in late April starting in Minneapolis.

The ‘Animal‘ EP was produced/engineered/mixed & mastered by Kurt Reil at his House of Vibes studio in Highland Park, NJ and is available now from Pirates Press Records.

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