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Square Tugs get ‘Fat, Drunk, Stupid’ on new single

Aussie street punks are back with a blistering new track from their upcoming album.

What do you do when obsessed with a legendary punk band like Circle Jerks? For this Aussie three-piece, the answer was simply taking that influence, putting their own spin on it, playing some gigs, and having fun. Thus, The Square Tugs was born.

The latest single ‘Fat, Drunk, Stupid’ is the first release from their anticipated debut album, which currently has the cheeky working title of ‘Greatest Hits Vol.1’.

Powering in at just one minute in length, this song gets straight to the point. There’s a feeling of upbeat energy as the distorted power chords keep up with drums played at a ferocious pace. The song arrangement follows a simple verse/chorus formula that is uncomplicated and accessible to the listener.

It is easy to visualise a rowdy bunch of beer-soaked punters shouting along to the words at a live show.

Featuring Paulie Tug on vocals, the bassist explains that the song isn’t meant to be particularly offensive; it is more an observational song and not about a specific person. “Let’s face it, we’ve all known this person at some stage of our lives. We wanted to do a short, fast punk blast of a song, the sort of thing that was coming out of the early ’80s hardcore scene in America. We were definitely inspired by the Angry Samoans and Bad Brains for this one”.

Fat, Drunk, Stupid‘ has been in the live set for the past few months and is already a crowd favourite. The band is currently working on their debut album, due for release later in the year. Recording with Jason Milhouse at Recordworks studio in Brisbane, work is well underway.

“If you can’t say it in less than two minutes, you’re just wasting everyone’s time.”


Paulie Tug adds, “We have 16 tracks earmarked for the album, and we have plenty of a minute and a half punk blasts, but also a couple of three-minute songs that I think might surprise people, in a good way, hopefully. We’re also mixing it up vocally, with all three members sharing the singing duties. We will also have a new video out in about two weeks for ‘Fat, Drunk, Stupid” as well, so watch this space.

Their debut four-song EP received an outstanding response from community radio across Australia, with “Vodka, Lime and Soda” reaching number four on the 4ZZZ hottest 100. The tracks have clocked up over 20,000 streams on Spotify and counting. The EP has received enthusiastic reviews in Australia and from as far afield as Russia, Brazil, Europe, and the UK, including Vive Le Rock magazine.

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