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Southwestern German Punk Outfit Small State, Releases New Single and Video

‘Young at Heart’ is the second single off the band’s upcoming album ‘Low Expectations’ – their first LP in over a decade.

Young At Heart, the second single of Smal State’s soon to be released LP, is Melodic pop-punk perfection and pays homage to bands such as No Use For a Name and Lagwagon.

The German punk band comprises brothersMax and Carsten Jung and friends Andi Heinze and Sascha Borm. The band formed way back in 2000, but according to the lads, they “forgot to exist from 2010 until 2019”, reforming after they “honed their craft, became better musicians, better human beings, and matured in their mutual relationships.”

Small State is driven by passion and run by the heart. Believing in the power of positivity and equality, the band is DIY, anti-fascist, and pro-LGBTQIA+ and writing and playing music is, according to Max, “still the best thing in the world.

“Being able to still be in a band these days is a gift. The omnipresent pandemic took a huge toll on the whole music scene but for us also gave way for a thoughtful and decelerated writing process.”

With ‘Low Expectations’ the upcoming third full-length record, you can feel that the fire still burns in Small State.

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‘Low Expectations’ is out on Midsummer Records 1st April 2022. Don’t be an April Fool pre-order HERE From 2nd January 2022

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