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SoCal Skate punks, Chaser, drop new album

Chaser release Dreamers their 5th full-length album today (April 9, 2021). Forged in the heart of the SoCal punk scene at the turn of the Millenium, Chaser has carved out their place by playing fast, catchy and melodic skate punk. Bassist and vocalist, Jesse Stopnitzky, tells us about their latest album which comes straight from the heart:

“Dreamers is a 13-song burst of anthemic and melodic punk energy with self-reflecting and hopeful lyrics. It is a reminder to keep chasing your dreams and keep your head up. It’s the most personal album we have written, touching on the highs and lows of life, but as always, with a positive Chaser twist.”

CHASER – Dreamers, lyric video

“The song ‘Dreamers’ is the title track off our new album. It’s a dedication to those who have persevered through personal struggles and misfortune to continue chasing their dreams. Influenced by our loved ones, it’s an appreciation of how much they have inspired us to grow and to do better in our own lives to keep a positive perspective.”

Recorded and produced by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios in Orange, California. Mixed and Mastered by the renowned Jason Livermore (The Casualties, NOFX, Rise Against)

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Listen to full album below on Spotify

  • The Location: Sothern California, USA
  • The sound: SoCal Melodic Skate Punk
  • The lineup: Mike LeDonne (singer), Jesse Stopnitzky (bassist/vocals), Bill Hockmuth (guitarist), Davey Guy (drums)
  • The Comparison: NOFX, Lagwagon, No Use for a Name
  • Punktuation Song Pick: Dreamers

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