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Sleep Braids Bring Hearty Pop-punk With Debut Single and Video

Sleep Braids

The Pacific Northwest pop-punks have unveiled a punchy break-up anthem with their debut single ‘Call it Off’.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Sleep Braids is the pop-punk brainchild of guitarist Casey Burgess. Joining the lineup is long-time collaborator and drummer EJ Olson, vocalist Andrew Serino, guitarist Brennan Allen, and bassist Zach Reinhart. The group aims to deliver songs that tackle identity and personal growth whilst honouring the genre they grew up loving.

Their debut single ‘Call It Off’ challenges you to embrace change and not live in the past. The members’ alternative rock and post-hardcore backgrounds are shining through in the weight of the guitars, tenacity of the drums and relatable lyrical content.

Drummer EJ Olsen describes the track as ‘…a break-up anthem that focuses on seeking self-preservation while growing apart in a relationship’. He continues, ‘Life changes, and we have to change with it — instead of internalising it and becoming bitter, we should acknowledge it and look to start over again. Embrace it. Move forward.’

‘Call it Off’ is the first taste of what’s to come from the Portland quintet and is now available everywhere.

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