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Berlin based trio, Maggot Heart drop new Single

Release Date: 29th June
Record Label: Svart Records / Rapid Eye Records.

Maggot Heart, musically compared to such diverse acts as L7, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, The Stooges, Killing Joke and Voivod, have shared their lyric video for ‘Looking Back At You’, the first single from forthcoming album ‘Hunger’. Singer/guitarist Linnéa Olsson says, “one of the more aggressive songs on the album and definitely some of the angriest lyrics I’ve ever written; ‘Looking Back at You’ is about reclaiming power. 

Stream HERE.

Orlando trash-rock band Felicity Wanna 'Levitate'

Release Date: 26th June 
Record Label: Zodhiac Records

Fresh off playing a sold out show with The Used, Orlando band Felicity drops ‘Levitate’,  a sexy and upbeat pop-punk anthem that will compel you to hit the dance floor. This is the band’s first new music since 2021 and their first release with new drummer Rashid Williams. 
Levitate’ is about being so infatuated with a person that you forget who you are,” vocalist Damien Fagiolino explains. “They’ve got you so high on whatever it is they do that you’re drifting off into another galaxy.”

Available to stream now!

Rebuilder Share New Single 'Another Round'

Release Date: 28th June
Record Label: AF-Records

Rebuilder return with “Another Round”, a pop-punk belter that comes flying out of the gates and barely pauses for breath through four minutes of crunching guitars and soaring synth. “Another Round” follows the May release of “Hold On” and together these two singles showcase the two unique songwriting voices that have come to define Rebuilder. The band’s upcoming album Local Support, is out on Aug 11

Pre Order Album HERE

Dutch punks Ink Bomb releases 'Frankenstein'
Ink Bomb

Release Date: 26th June
Record Label: Self-Released

The Dutch punk rock band Ink Bomb releases a new music video: Frankenstein. The song is dark and loud, mixing skatepunk with elements of indie, grunge and hardcore. Halfway through, the song changes from an unexpected twist to a rousing resolution. Frankenstein is the third single from the new album that will be released later this year. The lyrics tell the story of two doubtful lovers. “I did that in the metaphor of a thriller, containing a crime scene and a murder victim,” singer Joost explains.

Stream HERE.

Furrowed Brow release new track 'Outdoors Man'

Release Date: 28th June 
Record Label: Notes From Underground

If you like your punk with a dash of British eccentricity and avant garde B-52s style, then this new single by Manchester art punks Furrowed Brow will be right up your street. An off-the-wall paean to the great stones and valleys of England, ‘Outdoors Man‘ is an epic tune channelling both post and proto punk “with a dose of glamourous knob twiddling in between”. This band are 100% DIY with a great sense of humour and bold experimental tastes- listen if you don’t take yourself too seriously. 

Streaming options HERE

DIY punk collective Spider drop “Riptide.”

Release Date: 30th June

Fiercely independent DIY, California, punk collective Spider announce the release of their highly anticipated single ‘Riptide’The song is a reference to the force-of-nature pull that art can have on a person. A call out in the chorus to Darby Crash and Joe Strummer by their birth names is a nod to the lexicon rebels that creatively destroyed the status quo that predated punk rock. A war against mediocracy and a call to arms to get in the mix and start your own band.

Get their music HERE

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