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New Punk Releases 3rd November 2023

'Tis the season with A.N.J.A's new EP

Release Date: 3rd November 
Record Label: Self Release

Time for summat scary as it is Halloween season and all that…our fave witchy punk chanteuse A.N.J.A has released her new EP ‘The Season of Evil‘ that will transport you to a world of dark magic and deliciously sumptuous hellscapes. Featuring her single ‘Stimulation‘, this is 5 tracks of industrial rock, sonic cackling, filthy riffs and A.N.J.A’s formidable vocal power make this an energetic and well crafted slice of gothic fun a la The Cramps and Misfits. Check out track ‘Vacuous Lipstick Blues‘ for a mix of Suede, Lana Del Ray and Bauhaus. Have a listen- you’ll see what I mean. Soundtrack to your dark winter night parties- sorted!

Streaming options HERE.

Spiritual Cramp's self titled LP

Release Date: 3rd November 
Record Label: Blue Grape Music

Having been a band since 2016 it is surprising that this is their first full length album, having previously released EPs and singles. But perhaps having been able to hone their craft is how they have come up with such a confident collection of 10 tracks as a debut. The opener ‘Blowback‘ demonstrates the jagged and ambitious sound that give Spiritual Cramp their edge but it’s tracks like the catchy ‘Talkin On the Internet‘ that show they can do straight up crowd pleasers too. I like it when they go all 80s power pop, particularly in (my) standout track, the melodically dreamy ‘Herberts on Holiday‘. Great stuff. And they’re supporting Militarie Gun on tour!

Available to stream but also BUY

Los Santos release debut album 'El Corazon'

Release Date: 3rd November 
Record Label: Los Santos Inc Records 

A real classic punk sound for you with the debut release from Deptford’s Los Santos (Michael Bayliss and Richard England, previously of The Saints and The Members respectively). Featuring X Ray Vez and Alex Wonk from DIY punk outfit Wonk Unit, can we say this is a punk supergroup? The 6 tracks here are unshamedly reminiscent of your favourite old school punk sounds The Ramones and Blondie and there’s even a Hüsker Dü cover (‘Sorry Somehow‘).But my standout track is the 60s style ‘Fan Club‘ but honourable mention to the facemelting guitar of ‘Stoneface‘. It’s a cracking start from this act with more tracks in the pipeline.

Purchase HERE.

Brighton garage punks Currls reveal new single

Release Date: 2nd November 
Record Label: Small Pond

Brighton garage punk outfit Currls revealed a new single this week- ‘April Fool‘- that tackles that age old irritant of ambiguous relationship statuses and the feeling you’re being mucked around. But behold, this little indie banger is there to help you take your power and ultimately not take anyone’s romantic shenanigans. It’s a cool track and is the latest to be taken from label Small Pond’s compilation ‘Small Pond Presents: Emerging Vol 3‘ which is out proper on the 24th. ‘April Fool‘ follows on from the comp’s lead single ‘Fancy Word For Addiction’ by emo-hardcore trio prom, and ‘A Circus’ by local punks City Dog. Small Pond’s ‘Emerging’ artist development project once again gives talented young acts (aged 16-25) from Brighton and the South of England the opportunity to rehearse, record, and release their music via Small Pond’s professional studio, label and PR set-up.

Stream ‘April FoolHERE.

Dam-Nations collate the best of new punk

Release Date: Every Month
Record Label: Dammit  Records

Ok so something a bit different for this pick because it was quite difficult to choose just 1 track from the many that are on offer each month with the collections released by UK-based Dammit Records. If you miss the old Punk-O-Rama compilations doing the hard work so you don’t have to by packaging up a tracklist of the best in punk you’ve probs not heard then fear not! Because the folks at Dammit are doing this every bleedin’ month where they gather together the best in unreleased tracks and allow you to buy all 10 for that month for 4 squids or 50p per track. They’re also global in their reach so just this month you get tracks from Covid 21 (UK), The Ferrets (Italy), Bad Absalom (Australia) and Terrorist in Mind (Germany). Amazing value and supporting the DIY punk scene which is what it’s all about. 

Get on their Bandcamp page to get involved. 

90s EMO band Time Spent Driving are back!

Release Date: 3rd November
Record Label: Negative Progression Records

Blast from the past now as late 90s/early 00s emo outfit Time Spent Driving are back with a new album- their first full length release since 2015’s ‘Passed and Presence‘. ‘Estrangers is an expansive and varied journey through the dark corners of the human condition. It’s moody and dynamic- a combo the California band are known for.   The band has always been known for its lyrical prowess and ‘Estrangers‘ takes a brutally honest approach to life. Videos for new tracks ‘Intents and Purposes‘, ‘Trust No One‘ and ‘Deep Blue‘ are available via The Alternative, New Noise and Tuned Up. Formed in 1999 in Santa Cruz, California (The South San Francisco Bay Area), featuring former members of melodic punk/hardcore bands, Fury 66 and Reliance.

Stream/Purchase HERE.


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