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New Punk Releases 27th October 2023

NOBRO implore you to 'Set Your Pussy Free'

Release Date: 27th October 
Record Label: Dine Alone Records

They’ve become somewhat of a favourite here at Punktuation towers since the release of fiery and fun singles ‘Where My Girls At‘ and ‘Let’s Do Drugs‘ – this Montreal punk quartet make music for party people that also have some existential issues to wade through the morning after. Celebrating friendship, pursuing freedom and embracing mistakes along the way, their new album (‘Set Your Pussy Free‘) is 12 tracks of punk rock fireworks, encapsulating the good dirty fun of a dive bar but with hope and solidarity offered throughout.

Get you purchasing/streaming options HERE.  

The Guru Guru will save the world in new album

Release Date: 27th October 
Record Label: Humus Records and A Tant Rêver Du Roi Records 

Belgian art-rock band The Guru Guru have given us two gifts this week- a live performance video of their irreverent and eerily topical track ‘Make Less Babies‘ aaaaand…..a full album!  The album of the same name – ‘Make (Less) Babies‘- also contains the singles ‘Lotta Tension‘ and ‘Saint Tropez‘ and this band know how to do earworms without being formulaic- their trademark ‘off kilter’ rhythms and erratic vocal style of singer Tom Adriaenssens make this one of the most unique releases this year. 

Get involved by streaming or purchasing HERE and HERE.

Wytch Pycknyck share new vid ahead of album

Release Date: 23rd October 
Record Label: Property of the Lost Records

I’m not ashamed to say it took me a few reads to get the pronunciation of the band’s name down but I’m finally there! It only took me one listen though to highlight the band’s new track ‘Columbo No. 5‘ as a 70s infused dirty psych rock banger. If you like your punk on the retro side that combines the 2 staples of 70s rock- psychedelic swirl and jaunting punk beats and riffs- then this is the track for you. Oh and, there’s an album out early 2024. Far out. 


You can purchase and stream the track HERE.

SACD tackle addiction in new track 'High'

Release Date: 24th October

Record Label: Self Release

Something a bit more contemplative and melancholic now- the quartet Sadness and Complete Disappointment release the third single from the EP ‘GBH‘ and it continues the theme of tackling some difficult feelings in the same vein as previous tracks ‘Grip‘ and ‘Barb‘. ‘High‘ speaks of the pain of addiction and sees the gentle, haunting vocals of Esmee Baker as she reflects on real life circumstances she has found herself in during her experiences of addiction. It’s a ethereal song that lingers, and completes the band’s trilogy of tracks from the EP, which is out Nov 3rd. 

Stream HERE. 

Beige Banquet cover
New single from Beige Banquet- 'Animals'

Release Date: 27th October 

London-based quintet Beige Banquet have captured some of the dark, frenetic energy of the band’s notorious live shows in their relentless new single ‘Animals‘. It’s an industrial sound with an enveloping sense of crushing dread (in a good way) and a propulsive and ever-present rhythm section. If dark and rich lo-fi punk is your thing then you’ve got time to catch up on Beige Banquet before they release their next album in 2024 where no doubt the unsettling and abrasive sound they do so well will be abundant. It’s complex and challenging but my god is it catchy. Not an easy balance but they’ve managed it. 

Stream/purchase etc HERE.


New vid and album from Cult Figures

Release Date: 20th October 
Record Label: Gare Du Nord Records

Sneaking this one in even though technically, it was released last week. But what a week it has been for rejuvenated Birmingham punks Cult Figures- there’s been a new video and single release AND their anticipated album ‘Between Us and Heaven‘ is out too. Single ‘Rapide 40 Slideout‘ is a storming ear worm with some of the best ‘woah woah woahs‘ you’ll hear this year- it’s an energetic singalong track and a great follow up to previous single ‘Mr Producer‘ which, whilst a more gentle affair, also showcased the bands incredible gift for melody.

Get the new album HERE.

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