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Since When Did Wine Become Punk? When The Chats Created their own Cask Wine, That’s When!

Australian punks The Chats have teamed up with an Adelaide winemaker to create a new wine with an Aussie punk twist!

The Chats, who formed in 2016, quickly earned themselves a global following thanks to their irreverent lyrics and Aussie ‘larrikin’ attitude, are the first to admit that their usual tipple isn’t a glass of the finest Châteauneuf-du-Pape!

“We never really drink wine; however, goon is an exception on special occasions,” says frontman Eamon Sandwith.

In Australia, ‘goon’ (cheap boxed wine) is usually the tipple of choice at barbies and is a popular drink for Australian teenagers because the cheaper ‘goon’ costs no more than $15 for 4 litres – which, let’s face it, is a very affordable way to get “fucked up”.

The Chats Goon –the perfect accompaniment to a Pub Feed!

As with drinking any wine, there is an etiquette about how best to enjoy a tipple of good ol’ Aussie ‘ goon. The best way to drink it is to remove the ‘goon-sack’ from the box and drink it straight from the plastic tap. For the more refined barbeques, one should pass the goon sack from person to person and pour the wine straight into your mouth.

However, younger goon connoisseurs prefer to attach a goon sack or two to a rotary clothesline to enjoy the subtle tastes of the wine while playing Australia’s favourite family game, ” Goon Of Fortune.” Either way, you’re not considered a true Australian if you haven’t drunk goon!

Wanting to increase the quality of ‘goon drinking’ and make a wine suitable for Aussie punks, The Chats teamed up with Adelaide’s Delinquente Wine Co and online wine store Built to Spill Wine and created the very classy ‘The Chats Goon.’

“We had a swig and thought, ‘this actually isn’t bad’, Eamon admits. “In fact, it’s fucken good.”

The Chats

“The word ‘collaboration’ can be quite naff and can scare people off,” says Built to Spill co-founder Trad Nathan. “But we don’t just slap a sticker on a bottle. It’s important that the winemaker is credited, and we try to get the band involved in every step of the process.”

“This is white goon made with a bunch of all-natural, happy grapes chucked together, fermented wild, and bugger all other stuff, except for a bit of sulfur just to Keep the Grubs Out,” says theBuilt to Spill Wine website. “Save up your Bus Money or go halves with a mate, being the equivalent of two bottles in one glorious box, it’s such good value you won’t even have to Dine n Dash.

All joking aside – please remember to drink responsibly because you don’t want to end up being Drunk and Disorderly.

The Chats main photo: Paul Harris

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